MICA 2019 Thesis

In a small decadent theater of Paris, the hooping skills of Elodie got her success, and fame around the city. Every weekend, she beautifully flies around the hoop mid air in front of crowds of people. Nevertheless, Elodie never conquered her anxieties of performing, which will materialize into a furry troublemaker that won't leave her alone. Through initial struggle, Elodie decides to stop fighting her fears, therefore the creature, and tries with a different approach to embrace them. Trust regained, she accepts her fears and finds confidence in her abilities once again.

Similarly to the narrative, I decided to face the monkey on the back, and tackle my fears in the animation practice to push myself into the unknown and learn on the way.

I took the chance to explore unfamiliar techniques and materials that were intimidatingly new to me to realize a story of dedication and self realization.

Official Selection MICA Animation Festival  10/5/2010

Dragonframe | Adobe After Effects | Adobe Premiere

Adobe Photoshop | Adobe Encoder

Adobe Audition