Traditional media - ink and graphite


Adobe photoshop - Adobe Illustrator

In a not so far future, global warming  got increasingly worst, causing extreme inclement weather conditions that wiped away most of the known creatures on the planet.  

The world had to face a new global ice age and learn how to deal with hurricanes, winter storms and the lack of supplies. Time had passed from the tragedy and humanity had moved forward to find a way to survive and adapt to the new climate.

The 262 rescue Unit composed by survival experts, explorers and biologists, was born with the aim of studying, preserving and registering the surviving specie and analyze how they adapted to the new radical changes.

Meet the team and some of the creatures they encountered on their journey!


presented on MICA Portfolios  4/6/2017


Traditional media - ink 

Adobe photoshop 

In a fictional world in which sun and moon are two living human entities, the constant rivalry between the two sisters creates troubles in the lives of others. Till the unnoticed love of a guy for another person stops the rivalry and convince the two sisters to join forces to help the poor human through an astonishing eclipse.


In a small decadent theater of Paris, the hooping skills of Elodie got her success, and fame around the city. Every weekend, she beautifully flies around the hoop mid air in front of crowds of people. Nevertheless, Elodie never conquered her anxieties of performing, which materialized into a furry troublemaker that won't leave her alone. Through initial struggle, Elodie decides to stop fighting her fears, therefore the creature, and tries with a different approach to embrace them. Trust regained, she accepts her fears and finds confidence in her abilities once again.

Traditional media - ink 

Adobe photoshop - Adobe Illustrator